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Metastatic Screening

Certain tumours have the potential to spread to other parts of the body and for this reason we recommend some form of screening depending on the nature and location of your eye tumour.

There is no internationally agreed protocol for metastatic screening however based on more than 20 years experience we recommend the following:

Uveal Melanoma

As the liver is the commonest site for secondaries from Uveal Melanoma we recommend 6-monthly abdominal ultrasound examinations. This is a simple procedure that can be performed at many local hospitals and is able to detect abnormalities smaller than 1cm in size. In certain cases MRI may be preferable and this will be discussed with you if required. Additional investigations (such as chest x-rays) are not required in most cases.

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Terry Winter, patient, Leeds
'I'll admit I was quite worried when my doctor referred me to the service but the staff were so supportive and explained the whole process which helped so much.'