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What will happen on your first visit
We understand that some people may feel concerned about their first visit to our service. Click on the links below to read more about why you have been referred and what you can expect when you visit us for the first time. If you are still feeling unsure, please don't hesitate to contact us directly on 0114 271 2029 or 0114 226 1341.
Your first visit to the service:
Why have I been referred?

Your doctor or eye specialist has detected an abnormality in your eye and wants to exclude a tumour. Many of these are benign and include freckles, moles and haemorrhages which require no treatment. Some patients however will have a tumour in the eye whether benign or malignant and owing to their rarity these require treatment in a specialist centre such as Sheffield.

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What happens on arrival?

The reception to the eye clinic is on A floor of the Outpatient building directly opposite the multi-story car park. Please report to the reception desk on arrival. The receptionist will check your details and you will be asked to take a seat in the waiting area. A nurse will then check your vision so please bring your distance glasses if worn.

Dilating drops are often required and as these may blur your vision for several hours it is advisable that someone accompany you as you will not be able to drive. You will be seen by one of the doctors in the team who will examine both eyes and decide what tests you require to establish the diagnosis.

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What tests will I need?

You will have a photograph of the eye and an ultrasound examination done. Along with a detailed clinical examination, one of the eye doctors will take a detailed history and examine your eye.

You may also be required to have other tests. These tests may take several hours but we hope to give you the results the same day.

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How do I get to the service?

Download our map (PDF)

Car parking is limited at the hospital, so we recommend using public transport if at all possible. If you do choose to travel by car, the hospital is on Glossop Road (B6069). If you are using SatNav the postcode for the hospital is S10 2JF. Please note, there is a charge for parking.

There are good public transport links to the hospital for patients or visitors, including the H1 hospital shuttle bus service. Please visit the Directions to the service page for more detailed information.

You can also use the Journey Planner to plan your public transport route to the hospital from the train station.

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What happens after diagnosis:
I've been diagnosed. What happens now?

Following completion of the tests, the doctor will discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan with you, taking your views into consideration.

After your consultation, your designated support sister will spend time with you to go over the diagnosis, treatment plan and provide information and contact details.

If you have a tumour requiring treatment you may be required to stay longer for further investigations. This may be carried out during your first visit.

Your case will then be discussed at a multi-disciplinary team meeting as per national cancer guidelines. Your designated support sister will contact you to confirm you treatment plan.

Your referring physician and GP will be kept informed at all stages.

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Counselling services

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Anaesthetic assessment

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Metastatic screening

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The multi-disciplinary team:
About the multi-disciplinary team (MDT)

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'I was extremely apprehensive but it was nothing like I feared. The care I received in Sheffield was first class. The team are all dedicated, caring professionals who left me feeling I could not have been treated better anywhere.'

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