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Karen Sisley BSc PhD
Karen Sisley - Researcher
Having obtained a PhD from the University of Sheffield Karen continued to develop and expand her research interests into the genetics and behaviour of uveal melanoma. Karen is a regular reviewer for both Cancer and Ophthalmology journals, and reviewer for national and international grants.

Sheffield is one of three national centres for the treatment of uveal melanoma, and Karen has worked closely with Professor Ian Rennie to establish an active research group investigating how the genetic basis of uveal melanoma underpins its behaviour. Karen has established the Rare Tumour Research Group (RTRG) to allow cross fertilisation of ideas and the development of strong working associations supporting all researchers working with her.

Karen's research interests are the genetic and biological behaviour of uveal melanoma. Initial studies have led to a good understanding of some of the principle genetic changes in uveal melanoma and how they correlate and can be used to predict prognosis. Indeed, her group was the first in the UK to recognise the prognostic significance of abnormalities of chromosomes 3&8. Her research continues to investigate the genetic basis of uveal melanomas but has broadened in recent years to consider how the interaction with the environment affects the way these melanomas develop.

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Dr Karen Sisley is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Sheffield who established the Rare Tumour Research Group (RTRG). She has worked closely with the service's Professor Ian Rennie in researching behaviours of uveal melanoma.
Current Projects:
  • Understanding the aggressive behaviour of uveal melanoma, and the potential role that stem cells may have.

  • Determining the key genetic events in the development of uveal melanoma.

  • Investigating how the environment may influence the behaviour and development of uveal melanoma.

  • 2nd line ipilimumab or carbo-taxol chemotherapy or PD1 targeting immunotherapy.
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